Deborah Devonshire, the youngest Mitford Sister, on Swinbrook

Well, here it is – the uncut interview….

A rare opportunity to see Her Grace The Dowager Duchess of Devonshire, fondly known as Debo, on film.

We’ve heard her on Radio 4s Women’s Hour. We’ve read her interviews in The Sunday Times and Saturday Telegraph and of course we’ve read her thoughts and memoirs in her books, “Counting My Chickens”, “Home To Roost ” and now the hugely successful “Wait For Me! ” but we have never seen her on film…

As you may know Debo is the last surviving Mitford sister. The family lived and grew up in Swinbrook and whilst her sisters were desperate to escape “Swinebrook” as they called it – Debo loved her Cotswold childhood and still has very deep attachments to this magical Windrush enclave. She still owns The Swan and The Mill Cottage next door.

My wife and I took the lease of The Swan five years ago. We were already running the nearby Kings Head Inn at Bledington and were a little unsure of taking on The Swan as well, as we had just had our third child. We were asked up to Chatsworth for lunch with The Dowager Duchess. Afterwards she showed us round The Chatsworth Farm Shop. She was so genuinely charming, amusing and “everyday” that on the drive back down to Gloucestershire Nicola and I decided that we couldn’t miss out on such an opportunity to work with her and thus signed the agreement and here we are today. We couldn’t ask for a more inspirational Landlady…

We hope that you find this informal interview, conducted in The Swan, entertaining and amusing. She has led such an extraordinary life that we could have talked for hours but I wanted to concentrate mainly on her connections and memories of Swinbrook and The Swan.

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