‘Wait For Me!’ – Debo Book Signing

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‘Wait For Me!’ – Debo Book Signing at The Swan Inn

We feel very priviledged to have the Dowager Duchess of Devonshire, ‘Debo’ doing a book signing at the Swan Inn on Friday 17th September.

As many of you know, Swinbrook has very strong connections with the Mitford sisters. What you may not know is that Debo owns the Swan Inn and has been instrumental, working with Archie and Nicola Orr-Ewing (who run the Swan Inn and own the Kings Head Inn, Bledington), in refurbishing the inn, to the high standard it is today. As well as converting the old stable block to create six lovely boutique bedrooms.

You may have read the many reviews of ‘Wait For Me!’ Memoirs of the Youngest Mitford Sister by Deborah Devonshire in such magazines or newspapers as The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Scotsman or the Saturday Telegraph….

“This book is cheerful and funny, and its author has led an apparently enviable life. Deborah, now the Dowager Duchess of Devonshire, was born beautiful and talented, is rich by marriage, lived in one of the greatest houses in the world for nearly half a century, and has known and loved all sorts of interesting people, including John Betjeman, Lucian Freud, Harold Macmillan and Jack Kennedy. So it took me a time to realise that this is also, against its own wishes, what people now call a ‘misery memoir’.”
“But whereas the genre of “misery memoir” tends to over-dramatise and exploit suffering, Debo Devonshire’s style is different. It would not be right to call it “stiff upper lip”, since it does not flinch from facing unhappiness frankly, but it does not dwell on it. The passage of a long life – she is now 90 – allows time to come to terms with things many years after they have happened
‘Debo’ Mitford’s wonderful misery memoir”

By Charles Moore

This is a fascinating account of a very interesting family through some turbulent times and important historical events.

You can read the reviews….and better still…read the book. Here’s the good news.

Debo herself will be doing a book signing at the Swan Inn between 11.30am – 1pm on Friday 17th September.

The Swan Inn has strong connections with the Mitford family and with Debo in particular. You can see signs of this all around the pub.

We also appreciate that it’s going to be very busy and that it might be difficult for many people to get there on a Friday…So we will be recording the event….plus Archie will be personally interviewing Debo.

The recording of the event and this exclusive interview should be posted to our blog no later than close of play on Monday 20th.

So please make sure, if you cannot make the signing at the Swan Inn Swinbrook on Friday, you come back here to experience it all and watch Archie’s interview with the Dowager Duchess of Devonshire…Debo.