The quality of our ingredients is really important to us and there is nothing better than sourcing high quality produce from local suppliers.

We are fortunate in the Cotswolds with so many high quality farms and producers around us, with whom we have built up strong relationships.

This dish is a great case in point…the goats cheese comes from the highly acclaimed Windrush Valley Goat Dairy.

The milk comes from Windrush Valley Dairy’s own herd of pedigree British Saanen goats. Produced ‘on the estate’ using only traditional cheese-making methods.



Shallow Fried Windrush Dairy’s Goats Cheese with marinated beetroot, baby salad leaves and honey and walnut dressing:

10 windrush goats cheese (cut into 1/6ths)
pane egg, flour and breadcrumbs

1. Remould the goats cheese into even size disc’s
2. Pane them in seasoned flour, egg wash and breadcrumbs
3. Keep them on a tray with greaseproof in the fridge

Walnut dressing
50g crushed walnuts
100ml walnut oil
20ml sherry vinegar
2 tsp grain mustard
2 tsp honey

1. Whisk all the ingredients except the walnuts together, then add the walnuts and season washed mescaline

2kg purple beetroot
1. Cook beetroots in salted water till cooked (knife to pierce)
2. Allow to chill, then peel
3. Slice thinly on a mandolin
4 tblsp demerara sugar
sherry vinegar

1. Mix, sherry vinegar and sugar together
2. Add to the sliced beetroots

to plate…….

Place the sliced beetroot over laping each one on the plate, dress the leaves in the centre, meanwhile deep fry three goats cheese disc`s and drizzle the walnut dressing over, serve!!


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